Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Win 7 Phone development

Here are some screenshots from my first Windows 7 Phone application, I created it as part of "WP7 Developer Contest" Hands on lab presented by Daniel Egan at the Silicon Valley Code Camp. It was a fun time 

First screenshot is of the search page, this page is pretty simple it's hooked into the Wine.com API. The web service is called when the search button is clicked.

Second screen shot is the results I got back from the service, nothing special here just cool to see. Daniel provided the Uncorked graphic as part of the talk. At the bottom in red are the navigation buttons, the ellipsis button brings up the text for the buttons. 

I think WP7 development is easier that Win form's, This app has really got me interested in in doing WP7 development. The sample was quick and easy, I cant wait to make a real app and load it on my own Windows 7 Phone. 

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