Monday, January 14, 2013

Telerik, not playing nice with Selenium because it was built on unicorn farts

Everyone knows that if you're using Telerik you're going to have a bad time. Also it's not easy to test with using Selenium.
According to Daniel Levy in a reply to a forum question titled "Automation of Telerik using Selenium",  if your having problems with Selenium, you should use Telerik's Testing software witch I believe was built on unicorn farts. I personally will be pushing my company to stop using Telerik controls as it will increase the overall test-ability of our application.

I did find this forum post from Martin on getting their calender control to work in Selenium  In the post he said "Note that by design RadInput controls set their value after they are blurred." So by that logic one would need to raise the onblur event once done manipulating the control and before the next action. If that doesn't work I recommend directly calling the java script although this can be brittle when the underling java script changes.

The best solution for me, so far, has been to file a defect against the application your testing stating that automated testing of this application is blocked due due to Telerik control. If you do this every time your blocked, It will force whom ever dose the budget for your group get evaluate witch provides more value Automated Testing or Telerik. Regardless of the issue smart people always chose to invest more development time to make an application more testable. Actually I think you can drop the smart and it still applies.


  1. Remove the  Telerik control from the application (best solution)
  2. Add a test Hook in the application mimic what the control dose (worst  solution)
  3. Don't test that specific feature (the cheapest solution)